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She wrote about sex and her discovery of sex toys very candidly in her autobiography. She's now put her name to brand of vibrators and makes it sec her title is "Chief Liberation Officer".

The year-old admits she doesn't know whether it's getting easier for younger women to talk about sex. And then going into my 20s, it felt like it was something everybody else was doing but nobody talked about and I didn't engage with it.

And I'm in a much healthier place now at the grand old age of Listen to Newsbeat live at and weekdays - or listen back here. Related Topics.

They had also removed photos showing cleavage, or where they were smoking or drinking. Most women take refuge in the 'good girl narrative'. It's universal - it keeps them safe. We are told women can only be of two kinds - Mother Mary or a slut.

We often blame ourselves when things go wrong. One woman wrote in about how she stood up to her ex-boyfriend when he threatened to send her photos to her dad.

Another said her ex-boyfriend threatened to share her nudes online when she broke up with him. He backed down when she threatened to call the police on him. You blame yourself for not standing up for yourself," Ms Wlman says.

Through LoveSexandTech, she says, she is trying to document stories of women acknowledging the abuse, standing up to their abusers, and taking back control of technology to reclaim the virtual space that is rightfully theirs. Related Topics.