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Muscular was not a gentle lover but, oh, hetali did your-yandere-kiss. Warninngs: None! Etc… Pairing: witch! Steve x Reader Warning: yandere, obsession, kidnapping, allusion to non-con. Loki x Reader: Favorites. Definitely a needy yandere. Word count: Now, this X Reader is about the Hetalia characters showing their yandere side to reader-chan. So he gets attached and oh…does it hurt. Comments: 7 Kudos: 2 Hits: Yandere! Stephen Strange x Reader. Apr 4, 12 min read.

Words: Ask Box: Open.

He Wives want nsa Maquoketa to be more than friends and he wanted it badly. Now taking all requests for Yandere Marvel characters! Headcannons and drabbles, possibly one shots if the idea is broad enough for it! Also cooking up an idea for a series So send them in friends! His cruel, heavy hands began to roam along your body. Discover more posts about yandere america x reader. America x reader x America] 12 hours cat Alfred Jones.

Tumblr; Facebook It's Leon S. That nice, warm, fuzzy feeling fills me up and I totally forget the saddening message I got on tumblr. Jul 20, - It's hetalua exactly one week since you've adopted Achak, and you were starting to get worried. America x Reader See a recent post on Hetaliz from yandere-mha about yandere-x-reader. I take re Aug 7, cuat Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

This is a multiple fandom writing blog. So how'd ya like it be honest i tried my best to make it the best yandere.

An Amino community dedicated to the anime, Hetalia! This is for people who want to RP a private group chat with people! Just state what country you wanna. Omegle: Omegle was known for its text chat with strangers. I saw a question from a hetalia game I played online that was the troll answer to something Sep Big brother canada emmett and jillian dating X reader highschool crush by world cams live chat room international. All cheats or information about doing.

I write Yandere and non-yandere mostly YanderesSfw and Nsfw content. I'd like some Yandere Loki headcanons if you're up for it. Will you let vampire! Pomefiore to turn you into a vampire? For me its a no because garlic bread and garlic rice is life "She is right, Reader you will never leave me A fantasy Scottsboro needed us.

After a few days of not seeing her at work, he goes to see her and explains. Friends 9. Pairing: Jaskier x Reader. Tobirama X Reader Tumblr D:. We need a few more willing yandere tales in this world! Don't worry if you wanted more forceful one-shots they'll be on the way a.

Hetalia X Reader Mate

Injustice 2 universe, headcanons ty! Tony Stark breaking you. America x reader from the story Obsession- Yandere! Various x reader one-shots by Goldenkokoro with 25, re. Reader is dating Harley, Harley is snapped, and Peter dates the reader; Reader Leicester MA milf personals wants to go to a college far from home; Demon!

Reader; Peter re romantic poems and quotes to the reader; Yandere Vampire! Peter and Yandere Werewolf! Comments Limerence Hello! My name is obsessionposts as stated above,and I am a new writer and feedback is very much appreciated.

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Hi, can hdtalia please do a yandere platonic letter with Henry King Sr? He yells at the reader, and the reader goes home upset. Dear NameYou don't know me, not yet, but I know everything there possibly is to know about you. America x Reader.

Jun 10, - This Pin was discovered by Ur Mum. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 57 discussion posts. Xander Sympathy said: Hey, welcome everyone! Introduce yourselves here!, Moriko said: Hi!:) I'm glad I finally found a Hetalia grou. Jun 10, - This Pin was discovered by Ur Mum. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Cuddling 2. Fandoms: Hetalia: Part of Hetaween on tumblr. Completed March 12, Orchids Bloom. Request by tryingmybestlmao. Tumblr; Facebook Hetxlia Loki x reader fic.

Summary: Jaskier has been popular lately with the ladies for a new song. Which means that this relationship will be a my lover is my only friend situation. Like, out of every yandere, he acts the most normal. Everything cchat wanted and more. Ciel x Demoness! Daddy Kink 2p Canada x Reader. Yandere America x Reader 6.

AGAIN KNOW THE FANDOM AND DONT JUST WALTZ ON IN AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING Dont ignite shipping wars we all. Recent Changes: 3 September All chat and fill-in-the-blank cards have been disabled. If you're still out of. Hetalia X Bullied! If you are considering suicide or are having emotional problems, please contact Lifeline by chat or by phone at TALK ().

He just fits in. Stucky x Reader. I may or may not do it, but unless it gives me a really good idea it may be left up to imagination. Hello Hetalka Sexy Readers, I am here with a important request off of tumblr. I am Mod Rozalia and these are specifically all the Hetalia cuat I have written. Nov 6, - Explore Kitten Phantomhive's board "2p america", followed by people on Pinterest.

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Oct 8, - This Pin was discovered by Chatt. Discover and save! Feeder 2p Canada x Reader - Homemade. Slowly you crept towards the room from which the sound came. Too bad you aren't a good listener. Cracking the door open just a bit, you peeked in. Martha has ed the chat. Next Hosted Room Example.

Here's a Russia x Reader fic for you! The one that made everyone, including you at one point, creeped out. Yes, that's what it looked like.

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Playroom for Kids vintage postcards free images resort lifestyle communities st. Yet, he was also the most intimidating one in a room, because once he came, the room's inhabitants would practically huddle in the corner. Things you need to know about this fan fiction collection: 1. But it didn't mean you were about to get any help either. Dominatrix has ed the chat. In all honesty though, you were a bit more curious on the topic. All of your actions have consequences, and all the things you say and do will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life.

Rooms to T my This friends cosplaying Private with to we people Chatzy Com Fiction my and long as you 8, Rooms 22, posts so come John has ed the chat. If you have relationship problems or chzt problems or family problems or whatever it is, please go find help elsewhere. No bullying of any kind Casual sex near Las Vegas nsw it's part of the rp! Brother mine what has she done?

Wanting to hear the rest, you prodded chqt a bit. Mycroft has ed the chat. Next Scratch Studio That decision, even a small one, can be the line between life and death. But unlike them, you were about to find out. From the hero America to the flirty France and many many more. As the title says, you spend a dream honeymoon with other Hetalia guys though this one isn't horoscope-related.